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At James Bay Wild Fruit, we are dedicated to the testing, evolution and use of popping corn on the cob for sale to the consumer. We were among the very first to experiment with, and develop the use of gourmet popping corn for consumption.

We deal in many types of popping corn on the cob. Most prominant is the 'Calico', a multi coloured variety that swirls with many hues of the rainbow including reds, blacks, oranges, blues, browns, grays etc...

Our corn is shipped all over Canada, from the east coast to the west.

Our corn, in large orders, is normally sold or shipped in wholesale boxes or bags which can hold roughly 100 full ears of corn. An extra 5-7 ears are thrown in, just for good measure.

The quality of the popcorn we sell is extremly high. In comparison, most popping corn bought from a store is anywhere from 2-3 years old by the time the consumer receives it. On the other hand, popping corn purchased from us is guaranteed 100% fresh both in taste and quality because it only remains out of market long enough to dry it out for shipping and sale, a very short period of time.

This dedication to quality and desire to ensure that the consumer has the absolute freshest product, results in a one of a kind fresh flavour that is second to none.

Our popcorn on the cob can be popped quite easily in a brown paper bag with the end twisted to keep the popped corn from escaping the bag. The corn pops fresh and white and fluffy both on and off the corn.

If It's Not From The Forest, It's Not Wild!
Mike Poulin,
James Bay Wild Fruit
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