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As a 'Family Business', we have been selling Pure Maple Syrup for a number of years, buying from local area producers.

Our Maple Syrup is bottled in clear glass bottles, with our main staple for sale being the 1 Litre bottle. Its fanciful design is reminiscent of an old fashioned liquor bottle, detailed with ribbons and all.

Also available are 250 ml and 500ml bottles in a specialized "galloni", a smaller version of an old fasioned whisky bottle along with various a 200m and 250ml Maple Leaf style bottle.

The best way to keep maple syrup is in an airtight container and in a cool environment. We use glass bottles because they are more desireable for packaging and can be stored indefinately under the right conditions. We also use Glass bottles because it helps our customers view what they are buying beforehand, and to see the rich thick wholeness of our Pure Maple Syrup.

If It's Not From The Forest, It's Not Wild!
Mike Poulin,
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